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a new semester, a new me :)

well...today was the first day of classes..and i'm starting this weight loss thing again. last semester i managed to lose about 10 pounds. i went from 170 down to about 160-161...

and now this semester i would like to double that.

current weight - 160
goal weight - 140 by April 1, 2003

so...we'll see...just being able to deny myself the things that are so bad for me will be difficult. not ordering pizza on 2.99 pizza nights...not doing late night runs for food...and just incessant snacking when i'm doing nothing else.

so far so good..
lunch - small chicken salad with 1 Tbsp. Ranch dressing.

3:00 - time for the gym...

dinner - see..now that's difficult. the cafeteria is having pasta and something really gross...so i'll probably eat a little bit of pasta...(very little) and a salad...but i won't cheat..i won't over eat..and hopefully i'll be preoccupied for the remainder of the evening to not snack...

i'll update again tomorrow with my next food stats...and i plan to weigh in about once a week...on a saturday when i'm home and have a decent scale to step on.
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