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Well it is working. I did my weighin this morning first thing and I am down by three pounds. If you stick to the slimfast plan...the snacks and drink the two shakes it does work...and that is with no exercise cuse I have been sick and then too busy to make it to the gym. I am officaily at 169...yay baby...Good luck to us all over the holidays.

OMG I almost forgot...I just have to share this with everyone. I have a problem with food...I love it way too much. Well last night I made my bf and I dinner of my and his fav of chicken fried steak, homemade smashed pot and gravy, corn and biscuts. Never have I ever not eaten all on my plate. Well last night, I pased myself eating cuse they say it takes about 20 minutes for your body to know it is full. Well I actually didn't finish my food. Thats right folks. For the first time I listened to my belly and when it said.."okay Abby I am starting to get full" I stopped. I didn't stuff myself. OMG I am so happy as this is a major breakthru for me...YAY!!!
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