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Second/First Step

Because I am a cheap ass sometimes I choose not to join WW but instead join for free www.slimfast.com....I drink there shakes twice a day and eat the snacks so I am not a member. It holds me accoutable for my weight, have buddies and diary. I like that. Now maybe I can really become cons of what I am doing. I will start back to the gym prob next week. Giving my self that extra time to make sure I am better.

Breakfast: Shake, water
Snack: Bananna, water
Lunch: Shake, lf yogurt, water
Snack: Yogurt, water
Dinner: Chicken, rice, salad, water
Snack: Yogurt, water

I guess you could say I am starting over, because in the short time I lost focus. I am there again. Each day is a new Day!!!
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